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Have you ever faced any of these situations...

  1. Typical parenting problems such as my child
    • is hyperactive
    • lacks concentration
    • very angry soon
    • poor handwriting …and the list is endless

  2. You are married or about to get married and with this beautiful song in the heart you have questions related to in-laws, spouse, sex and others which makes you uncomfortable.
  3. Like a professional juggler you are juggling between your work, personal life, friends, hobbies and other activities. You find it difficult to balance all these acts and sense the rising conflicts in your life.

Life is all about relations and relationship and making oneself accustomed to it, however the most vital ingredient is of course "HAPPINESS"

Counseling at ACE helps to understand the cause of the conflict, suggest viable solutions and help adopt practices to foster a more positive response to such situations with an expert help.

Personal Counseling(Pre)Marriage CounselingSingle Parent CounselingParents of Gifted Children
Personal Counseling

Talk to our Clinical Psychologist to perceive your personal problem in the right perspective and move closer to a practical solution...
Marriage Counseling

Marriage - the most crucial phase in one's life has to be an enduring and cherishable journey. Talk to our experts and get solutions to your issues or anxieties...
Marriage Counseling

We empower single parents or people who live a single life with guidelines, techniques and self support systems which restore harmony and self-esteem in life...
Marriage Counseling
Raising and nurturing a gifted child can mean proud moments of life quite often.ACE can help parents of such gifted children to engage their children creatively so as to channelize their special gifts in a constructive manner...